Yard stays

Total A-Z class renewal and compliance

from initial survey, conceptual design, engineering, planning,

full-scope execution and installation as well as complete commissioning.

Class renewal and compliance

We assist you with the complete spectrum of OSS and SPS yard stays:

  • Engineering, design and procurement
  • Construction and fabrication in our own yard and workshops
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Maintenance and servicing
  • Supply of products, components and technology
  • On- and offshore operational support
  • Management of third party services
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Class renewal

Shipyard in a box

We believe in a flexible concept of rig and vessel upgrading onshore and offshore:

  • We can create a shipyard anywhere
  • Maximum flexibility and mobility
  • Minimizing downtime in the yard
The concept
Shipyard in a box

Preservation, de-preservation and reactivation

Customized solutions based on the length of the layup and customer requirements.

The set of our detailed preservation guidelines and procedures ensure that the cost and time of re-preservation and reactivation is limited to a minimum.

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Newbuild carryover and transit works

At times new-built rigs and vessels have to leave the shipyard before all work has been completed. In such case we assist with transit work and carryover works in a yard during transit.

  • We use our facilities in the North Sea to carry out modifications
  • We install additional equipment to suit special requirements
  • We install third-party equipment.

We make that your rig or vessel is 100% complete, fully prepared for operation, on time.

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Transit work

At times new build rigs and vessels have to leave the shipyard before all work has been completed, in which case we can assist with transit work and carryover works in a yard. Semco Maritime has shipyards and partners in Denmark, Norway, Vietnam, UK and the US.

As a supplement, we also provide teams to carry out repairs offshore or at quayside chosen by the client.

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