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Office jobs

We welcome unsolicited applications! We are always on the look-out for dedicated and qualified people.

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highly skilled consultants, engineers

Manpower onshore and offshore

We look for independent, well-qualified people with experience from the offshore wind and oil & gas industry to support offshore operations.

Manpower jobs
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We provide consultants for our customers projects in the energy sector; mostly engineers, construction supervisors and technicians. This way you will get to work on projects all over the world!

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Consultancy assignments
office jobs, apply here, unsolicited


We welcome students within fields of engineering, electrical, technical designer, finance, HR and marketing.

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Intrern, young people

Norway offshore jobs

For offshore operations in Norway, we are looking for experienced people with experience from the oil and gas industry, such as medics, technicians, electricians and construction workers.

We also provide consultants for the energy sector and staff for electrical systems; mostly engineers, construction supervisors and technicians.

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Norway offshore jobs