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"Working and living abroad is a dream coming true"

- Simon T. Villadsen, Semco Maritime

The opportunity of working abroad

Simon T. Villadsen was working at our Danish headquarter as a Mechanical Engineer when the opportunity of living and working in the US presented itself. Simon did not hesitate, but accepted this "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity and moved from Horsens, Denmark to Houston, Texas.

However, he did not go alone - he moved overseas together with his wife and Labrador dog. For now, the 3 of them are making the most of their time abroad - both professionally and personally. 

At Semco Maritime, we know that dedicated people is our most important asset. Therefore we focus on listening to your goals and dreams and try to find ways to guide your career in the right direction. If you dream of living and working abroad for a couple of years - then we will try our best to find relevant opportunities abroad.  

We are used to dealing with expatriation and all the practicalities involved with moving abroad. So do not let practicalities get in your way - we will assist you with all the hassles of finding a place to live, legal advice, etc.

Equal and flexible opportunities

As an equal opportunity employer, we give all our people a solid introduction to our working processes.

We support our employees, offering flexible or senior jobs as needs arise.

If your work takes you offshore or abroad, we will help you to stay in touch with family and friends.

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