Coffee break with Maria Hald, Senior Technical Designer, Offshore Wind:

Semco Maritime is driven by passionate people, with an ambition of being better today than they were yesterday and always seek to exceed customer expectations. How does it feel to be part of a dynamic organisation?

Today Andreas Kjærnø, Manager Electrical Engineering, sat down with Maria Hald from our technical design group. You can meet Maria both meet both at our office and at our construction sites where she supports the installation process.

Andreas invited Maria for a cup of coffee and a talk about her daily work and especially a recent project, which changes the way we are work during construction and installation of our EPC contracts.

Hi Maria, tell me about your position within Semco Maritime?

I work as a technical designer in our Large Projects department. I am one of the few who gets the chance to be a part of both the engineering phase and the construction phase of our EPC projects.  

Why did join Semco Maritime? And what is the best thing about working here?

7 Years ago, I was buying hay for my horse, and I got to talk with the man I was buying it from - and it turned out that he was working at Semco Maritime. I already knew the company because my brother used to work there. At that time, I felt that I needed new challenges, so I asked if they could use someone like me.

The best thing about working here is that I still (after almost 7 years) feel that my job is evolving – it never gets boring. I love the informal yet serious culture in Semco Maritime and I appreciate the fairness that I experience throughout the entire organization.

 I know that you are currently working “on site” with our Northwester 2 Offshore Substation - could you tell me about your role in this project?

My role as a site assistant is very various. There is always many different tasks during a workday, but my main responsibility is to keep track of our documentation and construction data. I also provide support to our foremen’s, electricians and the rest of the site team. No two days are the same.

During the construction and installation process, we hire in foremen and electricians to support our Construction and Site Managers. What is the key to form a successful collaboration? 

The team spirit on site is one thing, but another significant factor is that we have been doing this for a long time. We all have a clear understanding of who does what in the site team. We all know our roles and what is necessary in order to be ready for sail-away.

The combined effort and synergy in the group is important, especially during hectic periods. lear leadership, the team effort and open communication are key in achieving a successful collaboration with the personnel hired in on a project basis.   

I know that you have recently been leading a project called “paperless job packages”, which emerged from an initiative to digitize the way we work. Could you tell us a little about what it actually involves?

In our "paperless job packages" initiative, we took our own customized construction tool, SemCompletion, and built a simple but smart app on top of it. We did all this together with our IT department and an external company. 

On previous projects, we printed out our job packages. On the last project, Hornsea One, we had about 2,600 job packages containing around 15,000 documents. It was a huge and challenging job to ensure that all documentation was up to date at all times.  With our new SemCompletion app, we have all job packages available on tablets. This means that I can update documentation in all job packages in only a few seconds. This allows me to be in much more control - in a much easier way.

This “paperless” concept was implemented on the Northwester Project. This means that the foremen have been using tablets for almost two months - what is the feedback so far?

So far, the feedback has been 100% positive. After months of working with the development of the app, I had actually convinced myself that the hardest part would be to introduce it to the end-users. Not only can a new software be stressful, but also the user-group consists of both young and old with different levels of experience with electronic devices.

After only a few days, it was a big relief for me to experience the positive attitude towards the app. I am happy and relieved to be able to say that the SemCompletion app is a huge success.

We have already received wishes for new features, which I hope to be able to implement during the Northwester project. This will make the app an even stronger tool for our next project, Vineyard.

I know that you met some challenges during the early stages of the project. But you still managed to secure the solution we are now using. What did you learn about yourself during this project?

Our IT department actually rejected our original initiative due to safety issues. However, I was so determined and eager to make this transition and digitize our job packages. I only focused on the advantages and winnings. I saw so much potential in the idea, that I simply could not accept a “no”. I rethought the original idea and changed our initiative, and finally won them over. I definitely learned that a “no” is not always a “no”.

Thank you for having a cup of coffee with me today!

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