Come on board!

Our goal is to make sure that you succeed in your new job

Your introduction and on-boarding period has been planned

We will make sure that you feel welcome and as a part of the team

We want you to succeed in your new role

At Semco Maritime the on-boarding process begins even before your first day through your first year in your new job. Below you will find the basic principles of your introduction.


Prior to your first day, we make sure that all relevant people know that you are joining us.

The reception is prepared to welcome you and a buddy or mentor is appointed to guide you through your first day.

Onboarding process

Your first day

We want your first day to be a positive experience.

We want you to feel welcome and you will be introduced to your new colleagues and we will show you around your new workplace.

Your personal introduction plan will also be presented to you.

Onboarding process

Your first week

After the first week, we want you to feel that you have been welcomed and you know your new team.

You see and understand the overall principles of your new job – and you can imagine yourself filling out these frames independently.

Onboarding process

Your first month

During your first month you will become more and more independent when solving daily tasks and you know what is expected of you.

At this point we will ask for your feedback to determine if you need further introduction to certain areas or certain tasks. 

Onboarding process

Your first quarter

After your first 3 months you will know Semco Maritime as a company and you are familiar with all your colleagues.

At this point you will also be able to complete tasks independently and deliver as expected in your role. 

Onboarding process

Your first year

You are now able to reflect on your first year at Semco Maritime.

If everything went according to our plan, you will be looking back on a solid introduction and a job content that matches the original job description and recruitment dialogue. 

Onboarding process

General enquiries

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