Coffee break with Martin Halkjær, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Offshore Wind:

How do we work in Semco Maritime Offshore Wind, what makes it meaningful to work in Semco Maritime and what do you thrive doing? Andreas Kjærnø, Low Voltage Manager, sat down with one of our Mechanical Engineers working with 3D on our Offshore Substations, to talk about his daily work and constantly pushing the boundaries for better unique solutions whilst meeting tight deadlines.

Hi Martin, can you tell me about your position within Semco Maritime?

I am a Senior Mechanical Engineer in Large Projects. I am a Mechanical Lead and responsible for the overall layout of substation, where I work closely together with internal and external stakeholders.

Besides being Mechanical lead, it is my job to coordinate all steel and equipment interfaces towards our steel partners and make sure they have what they need to in order to perform the engineering of the steel for the substation.

Why did you choose a job at Semco Maritime?

My First job was in a Engineering Consultancy company here in Esbjerg, where the end product was paper, and even though I have done a lot of substations in my old company I never saw the real deal.

So my first motivation for applying the job, was to see some steel. During the interview, I felt the spirit of Semco Maritime and I really got the impression of a united department where we stand together – and I must say, that is what Semco Maritime is like.

I know that you are working with our 3D/CAD models - could you tell me a bit more?

During the projects we need to do a lot of design in our 3D environment, this to make sure the fabrication, installation and later maintenance of the substation will be as smooth as possible.

I say "we", as this job is done in close cooperation with the disciplines, who provide input to our highly dedicated drafters, who daily goes the extra mile to complete the tasks and meet the deadlines. Without this dedication and focus from the engineers and drafters, it would not be possible to meet our tight deadlines. 

We use the 3D model to design and create whatever is necessary for the fabrication – but as we are working closely together with fabrication and structural partners, we also use the 3D model as an information tool to align on interfaces.

In Semco Maritime we are working closely together with our structural design partner, what do you believe is the key to a successful partnership?

As mentioned, we use the 3D model to align on interfaces, this means we need to have a high level of information and plan our work between us really well. For an ongoing project, we created a playbook, which clearly defines the responsibilities, but also defines when we have our interdisciplinary deliverables.

To some extend this works OK, but for sure we need to improve this process along this and other projects. One good outcome of this playbook was that we avoid a lot of extra work between our two companies. For example, we have saved a lot of time on our 2D drawings, which we normally submit – now we submit most of our design in 3D, then our structural partner extract the input directly to their structural drawings. This alone has saved us some weeks of work on our current project.

What challenges do you see that we are facing and how do we overcome these?

The trend is that our project timeline gets squeezed for each project completed. For this reason, we need to be innovative and consider smarter solutions for our engineering solutions. In some of the recent projects, we have worked with a very tight schedule, i.e. in around two months we completed all interfaces to our steel partners. This was only possible because our engineers and external partners are developing innovative solutions together.

Especially communication between ourselves and our external partners, (red. Bladt Industries and ISC), has been one of our main focus areas. Even during busy and hectic times, we always manage to navigate through the challenges together - and at the end of the day, we stand united and get the job done.    

What do you believe is our unique offering, and what potential do you see in the future?

One of our unique offerings is our track record (23 substations), we have always delivered projects on time and in a quality which meets the clients and customers demands. This is something we believe is of great value to both current and new markets.

As I am quite new here in Semco Maritime, I must say that I’m really inspired about the way we stand together and help each other in periods with a high workload – this spirit is something unique and something which for sure will help us on future projects.

Thank you for showing up today Martin, especially in this busy period. Before we end - would you like to share a fun fact about yourself

I bench 100K when I warm up, I listen to Rammstein when I need to concentrate and I cannot live without to-do lists.

Thank you for a great talk, Martin!

Working at Semco Maritime

At Semco Maritime we work as a team with commitment, inspiration, reliability and responsiveness as our core values.

We LIVE our values - and this makes Semco Maritime a great place to work!

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